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3D Imaging for Property Restoration

Fully Document Your Loss and Streamline Your Insurance Claim

United Fire & Water utilizes advanced 3D imaging to provide detailed digital scans of your entire property. We thoroughly document the loss, allowing for a more streamlined claims process so your property can be restored as quickly as possible. Reduce delays in processing your claim, eliminate disputes, and view complete documentation of the loss and completed work no matter where you are.

How 3D Imaging Benefits You and Helps Restore Your Property Faster

View Your Scans From Anywhere

The 3D scans of your property are available to view securely online from anywhere. If you are out of town or unable to visit your property, you can view the scans of the loss and the repairs at any time.

Settle Your Insurance Claim Faster

The scans also help insurance adjusters view the damage and inspect the property up close, without needing to make a physical visit. This can help settle disputes faster and streamline your claims process to ensure your property is restored as quickly as possible.

Virtual Walk-Throughs

United Fire & Water’s 3D scanning technology allows you to complete a walk-through of your property on your computer, mobile phone, or tablet. View your loss from anywhere, and get a detailed view you can’t get from photographs.

  • Access Remotely
  • Take measurements and inspect the loss
  • Easily share with your insurance adjuster
  • Detailed contents documentation