Mold Remediation New Orleans

Professional mold remediation in New Orleans starts by calling the experts from United Fire & Water. If your home has suffered water damage from flooding or from adverse weather conditions, it may be a breeding ground for mold. Only a professional mold remediation service can remove mold from your home to ensure that it doesn’t come back.

Using bleach to clean up mold from hard surfaces may seem like a good idea on the surface, however the EPA recommends that cleaning with bleach be avoided, since dead mold can prove to be just as effective in causing illness as live mold. A second problem exists as well: mold spores can grow and thrive on porous and semi-porous materials that include drywall, wood framing, underneath carpeting and other materials. For this reason, a certified mold remediation contractor should be called to remove the molded materials and replace them- it’s really the only way to guarantee the complete removal of mold and elimination of the conditions that led to the initial growth.

If mold growth is due to conditions that create ideal circumstances for the growth of mold, these conditions must be eliminated as well. If your home is prone to flooding, or if heavy rains get into areas of your home, it’s essential that these conditions are dealt with before the process of mold remediation gets underway, since it will only waste your time and money to remove mold and have it come back again.

UFW provides emergency 24/7 mold remediation in New Orleans and its surrounds at an affordable cost. The fact is that the cost of mold remediation can be considered an essential investment in the structural integrity of your home and in the safety of your family. If you suspect mold growth in your home, or have made a visual ID of mold, your first call should be to a mold remediation specialist who can address the problem. Once you have visually identified mold growing, an inspection or mold test is unnecessary in most cases, since a visual ID is what the inspection will be looking for in any event.

If you suspect that mold is contributing to a family member’s health problems, an inspection is warranted and United Fire & Water should be called at your earliest convenience. They’ll schedule your mold inspection at a time that is convenient to you and provide you with the results they find. Call for a mold inspection if you are symptomatic and are experiencing health problems that include sneezing, itchy eyes, a runny nose or other allergy-like symptoms.

If it’s been a while since you’ve had your ducts cleaned out, UFW can take care of your duct cleaning as well. Their mold remediation pros in New Orleans are also expert duct work specialists and will provide you with clear box evidence of what they removed from your home’s ducts. Your ductwork may be harboring mold, mildew, bugs, pet hair, dander, smoke residue, and much more. Breathe healthy again by calling United Fire & Water for mold inspection & duct work cleaning.

Mold Remediation New Orleans

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