Baton Rouge Community College experienced water damage in September of 2014. United Fire & Water was called in to investigate the loss AFTER another restoration company had extracted and run drying equipment and reportedly dried the building. Baton Rouge CC – Water Damage


UFW responded with an infrared camera and moisture meters and found that all of the walls in the affected areas – roughly 5000 sq ft of the business center were still completely saturated – 100% moisture content was found – see images. Baton Rouge CC – Water Damage


Airmovers were added to force the liquid moisture in the walls in to the air as a vapor. We were promoting evaporation to help facilitate the drying process – and to prevent secondary mold growth. Baton Rouge CC – Water Damage


Secondary damage can also occur when you force moisture into the air and do nothing to help remove it. We placed multiple LGR (low grain refrigerant) dehumidifiers in the building to help remove the excess moisture, and to reduce both the specific and relative humidity. Baton Rouge CC – Water Damage


The vinyl base cove was removed and holes punched in the drywall below the top of the base to help the walls breathe. Baton Rouge CC – Water Damage


Airmovers in the break room. Baton Rouge CC – Water Damage


Drains were not available on the west side of the building. UFW utilized trash cans with casters to help collect the water that the LGR dehumidifiers captured. The Phoenix LGR dehumidifiers that we use can capture and purge up to 30 gallons every single day. Baton Rouge CC – Water Damage



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Baton Rouge CC – Water Damage