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Mold Inspection

Mold Inspection Perhaps you’ve been watching that spot on your bathroom wall grow larger and darker. Or you think you might have some roof issues because there seems to be a damp spot by the ceiling fan in your room. One of the most

Realtors and Duct Cleaning

Realtors and Duct Cleaning Are you a realtor and trying to sell that house? You know…the one where the owners clearly smoked for many, many years and it is permeating the walls, floors…EVERYTHING? Duct cleaning can HELP. We can also bring in air scrubbers

Fire Damage

Fire Damage Fire damage is a disaster that does not discriminate.  No matter where you live, there is always the chance that a fire could occur at any time.  When fires do occur, few homeowners are prepared for the consequences. If your home was recently

Air Duct Cleaning

Air Duct Cleaning Are your friends who flooded talking about air duct cleaning? Are you wondering if you should be doing this as well?  If you are wondering about moldy air ducts then we can help! DO I HAVE MOLD IN MY AIR DUCTS?

Roof Inspection

Roof Inspection With the approach of Fall and then Winter, maybe it’s time to have a free roof inspection. United Fire and Water Damage Roofing Division can help! Our roof inspectors are estimators with many, many years of experience. And because we are insurance

September Newsletter

September Newsletter Our September 2017 Newsletter is now LIVE! Check it out to keep up with us and what we’re doing.  

Water Damage in Baton Rouge

Water Damage in Baton Rouge When you think about water damage in Baton Rouge, you may only think about it happening due to flooding. Actually, the most common types of water damage calls we receive have to do with household incidents. Things like a

Roof Damage

Roof Damage Hurricane Harvey has started to cause excessive rain in Louisiana. If Harvey damages your roof, United Fire and Water Damage is here and ready to help! We offer free roof inspections. Not only that, but our roof inspectors are estimators with many,

Moldy Air Ducts

Moldy Air Ducts With all the rain and humidity we’ve been having here in South Louisiana, it’s no wonder we are receiving questions about moldy air ducts. Not to mention the mold issues in all the flooded properties. If you are wondering about moldy

Mold in a flooded home

MOLD IN A FLOODED HOME Even though a year has now passed since the flood of 2016, many people are finding mold in their previously flooded home or business. It can be shocking to have this pop up when you thought you were in