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Roof Damage

Roof Damage Tropical Storm Cindy has  made landfall in Louisiana. If Tropical Storm Cindy damages your roof, United Fire and Water Damage is here and ready to help! We offer free roof inspections. Not only that, but our roof inspectors are estimators with many,

Mold and Heat

Mold and Heat Flooded houses that have been gutted and remediated WILL encounter another mold problem soon if the HVAC system is not functional. Summer temps and humidity cause a mold problem even in houses that weren’t flooded if the HVAC is not operating.

Free Roof Inspection

Free Roof Inspection With all the rain we are having in Baton Rouge, it may be time to schedule your free roof inspection! United Fire and Water Damage Roofing Division is available to help you decide whether or not to repair or replace your

Mold Removal

Mold Removal With the increase in heat and humidity, it’s not surprising that a lot of people in the area are finding mold. Mold requires four things to grow. Oxygen, Temperature, Moisture and a Food source. As the temperature and humidity increases, the risk


Roofing United Fire and Water Damage is pleased to announce the grand opening of our roofing division! Our Roofing Division offers free roof inspections.  Our estimators are insurance claims EXPERTS and have many years of experience. We are here for any roof issue that

Water Damage in Baton Rouge

Water Damage in Baton Rouge We know that it’s easy to think about water damage in Baton Rouge only happening due to flooding. What most people don’t realize is that the most common types of water damage calls we receive have to do with

Air Duct Cleaning

Air Duct Cleaning Allergies got you down? No wonder, reports say that this is the worst year local physicians have seen. If your allergies are out of control then you might want to consider air duct cleaning for your home! Air duct cleaning is

Baton Rouge Fires

 Baton Rouge Fires Does it seem to you like there is an uptick in Baton Rouge fires? This weekend alone, there were two large apartment fires in Baton Rouge. One displaced over 21 residents, with unreported cause as of now. The other was caused

IAQ Testing

IAQ Testing IAQ Testing is short for Indoor Air Quality Testing. What is IAQ Testing used for? IAQ Testing compares the indoor air quality of your residence or building to the air quality outside your building.  We then send those tests to a third

Spring Duct Cleaning

Spring Duct Cleaning Spring is in full bloom and that means dust, dander, pollen and more may be floating through the air in your house. Did you flood this past summer? Is your home 10+ years old? Do you have pets or is someone