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Mold Remediation – Baton Rouge LA,

presented by United Fire & Water Damage of LA, LLC


Mold Remediation class – Baton Rouge LA – United Fire & Water Damage of LA, LLC

In our presentation of Mold Remediation we discuss molds and the fact that they are everywhere –

with the exception of very few places – both indoors and outdoors.

How does a loaf of moldy bread or mold on a block of cheddar cheese relate to remediation in a structure?

Seems strange – but we make the relation of the two in our presentation of Mold Remediation.

We also look at three case studies that were completed by United Fire & Water – multiple Blockbuster
Video stores in Southern Louisiana and Mississippi following Hurricane Katrina that suffered mold issues
as a result of the storm. And the Vidalia Convention Center which suffered mold related issues following
the rising of the Mississippi River in the summer of 2011. We also look at a residential loss where the
wife of our client had fibromyalgia, and was a walking barometer for the hidden mold found in the
cabinet cavities.

We discuss containment and prevention of cross contamination using vapor barriers, positive, negative,
and static air pressures. We take a look at PPE – or personal protective equipment and training for each
level of mold contamination.

And we look at different methods of mold removal – from simple wet wipe techniques, to sanding with
the use of a HEPA vacuum, to cryogenics – or dry ice blasting, and some other media blasting

Mold Remediation – 3 hours of CE credit

Intro: credentials, background, clientele – Company history, credentials, introduction of staff at United
Fire & Water, summary of clients we have provided services for, states we have been called into for CAT
response, background. 15 min
What is Mold Anyway? – Mold is everywhere, in almost every environment on the face of the planet.
Remediation is not about removing all of the mold, but reducing the spore count to acceptable levels.

15 min

Food & Mold: To Toss or not to Toss? –How does a loaf of moldy bread or mold on a block of cheddar
cheese relate to remediation in a structure? Seems strange – but we make the relation of the two in our
presentation of Mold Remediation. 15 min

How Does Food & Mold Relate to Building Components? – How is hard cheese like drywall? When you
talk about mold and what materials can be re used, and which have to be discarded, hard cheese is very
much like drywall. 10 min

Residential Case Study –A commercial agent with Latter & Blum called out United Fire & Water to
investigate a leaky supply line to an ice maker. The wife of the home owner suffers from fibromyalgia,
and was having serious health issues. Find out what UFW uncovered in the process of solving his
problem. 15 min

Mold: Assessment – assessing a mold problem is not remediation work. We have to diagnose a problem
before we can solve it. 10 min

Mold: Sampling –Do we need to sample if there is a visible mold problem? The EPA says probably not.
We discuss when and where we may need to sample for mold, and what we can do with the information
a laboratory can provide us. 10 min

Case Study: Vidalia Convention Center –In 2011 the banks of the Mississippi over flowed and flooded
the convention center in Vidalia. The building was only partially affected, and had staff working in the
building – which had a rather serious mold problem. How can we protect the occupants of the
convention center (or a single family residence) from elevated levels of airborne mold while remediation
work is under way? Containment, vapor barriers, and negative air pressure play a vital role. We discuss
this at length during the section of the course. 15 min

Specialized Restoration Equipment – Learn about what tools are required for water / fire & smoke /
mold response. 15 min

Mold: Remediation –There are a lot of different ways to skin a cat – and there are many ways to
remediate a property. We will discuss many of them. 10 min

Mold: Cleaning & Removal Methods –From wet wipe, to sanding a property with a HEPA Vac, wire
brush, and encapsulation. 10 min

Dry Ice Blasting – Cryogenics –Some of the coolest technology in existence. NASA uses it. Aerospace
companies use it. And United Fire & Water Damage has used dry ice blasting to remove mold from
damaged properties. This discussion and short video explain the process. 10 min

Case Study: Blockbuster Video – Multiple Stores, Post Hurricane Katrina – Post Hurricane Katrina, from
Biloxi to New Orleans, multiple Blockbuster Video stores were damaged. From small roof leaks that
caused water and mold damage, to stores that had 6+ feet of water in them that caused the need for
full blown demolition and remediation services. We walk attendees through the process and a case
study of two of the stores. 15 min

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